Not a loss: perceived failure is a data point

January 3, 2023

When we challenge ourselves by testing our risk levels against our environmental system, we perceive the result as a failure or gain. If it's failure then it means our anxiety and insecurities are amplified. We see it as a loss, something negative and unworthy.

We strive to reach perceived gains because we see it as a win, something hopeful and optimistic. If the failure does not amplify our anxiety and insecurities then the failure can be perceived as a gain.

If we feel no negativity to the failure then our perception changes. We see risk failures as a data point of experience we can add to our knowledge system. More failures means more data points and eventually one gets to a better understanding of the system they are testing their risk levels against.

Some of us are lucky and win on our first or second try. Some of us have more data points to map out the areas between the third and one hundredth try. Previous success does not guarantee future success and previous failure does not guarantee future failure. If we lack a strong understanding of the system and only relied on luck, then we would have a difficult time with subsequent tries until we gathered more data points. If we build more data points to map out the system, we can deduce which risk failures to avoid in subsequent tries, increasing our odds for gains.


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